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Is Colombia Safe?

Colombia? Are you crazy? The drug lords, kidnappings, guerrillas? The violence? Are you sure you want to go riding a motorcycle in Colombia? If I had a dime for every time someone mentioned these things when I speak about the possibility of coming to Colombia, I would own the greatest motorcycle collection known to man. The truth is: Colombia has changed dramatically over the last 15 years, and it has changed for the better. We still have problems, there are still security issues, we still have guerrillas and drug traffic, we still have poverty and many other inequalities; just like countless countries in the world. But we are working on it. All these things are part of our history but they are not determining our future. In comparison to where it used to be, Colombia is in a very different and much better place.

Gone are the days of massive bombs going off in city centers, gone are the days when you couldn’t ride a motorcycle from one city to another, gone are the days when round the world travellers skipped Colombia on their transcontinental journeys.

Yet somehow, in the eyes and ears of many, we haven’t been able to shed the reputation of the most dangerous country in the world. A country where the risk of something terrible happening when visiting, was justifiably high.

Let me tell you a little bit about Colombia. A little bit about riding a motorcycle in this magnificent place I call home. A little bit about its people. Hopefully this will help you change your perception and shed some light on the positive aspects of this country. Hopefully this will make you want to share with skeptical friends. Hopefully this will convince you to come and ride a motorcycle in Colombia. And if it does, here at ELEPHANT, we will be waiting for you.

Colombia sits at the most northern tip of South America, where we are blessed with the best things the continent has to offer. From sandy white beaches to snow covered mountains in an area 2 thirds the size of Alaska. The majestic Andes arrive to Colombia and split into three separate ranges (western, central and eastern) covering most of the territory with countless mountains and valleys, making it a dream destination for twisty loving motorcycle riders. Because we sit just north of the equator we are blessed with 365 days of perfect riding weather, no harsh winters just a couple of rainy months out of the year.

Few places I know offer endless twisty roads and perfect weather all year round. If you have one week of vacation you will be able to ride through landscapes so diverse day after day, that by the end you will have thought you rode an entire continent. What you see today, will be completely different from tomorrow. Take it all in. Mountain passes, river valleys, African-like savannahs, deserts, lush jungles, oceans, sun, rain, exotic fruits and so much more. You will experience all this in less time than it would take you to search in Google: Is Colombia safe?

No country compares to riding a motorcycle in Colombia. I am Colombian so you might think my opinion is biased, granted. But this same sentiment is shared with countless of non-Colombian motorcyclists I have had the pleasure of sharing riding stories with. Many of the riders I have met, that have travelled through the country, have found themselves extending by weeks and sometimes months their visit. More than one has fell in love with a Colombian and extended their trip forever.

This country is contagious, in the best sense possible. For a motorcycle rider the contagiousness comes from different places: 1.The jaw dropping landscapes laden with twisty routes. 2. The diversity in terms of climate and geography. 3. The heartwarming and welcoming nature of the people.

The people! Colombians are wonderful people! Despite the history of violence we keep a positive attitude towards life and our hospitality knows no limits. What makes riding a motorcycle through Colombia such a magical experience, is the interactions with the locals. They go out of their way to help, to provide you with quality information, to let you know how proud they are of their country and to show you things you could’ve easily missed.

Riding a motorcycle through the majestic landscapes of Colombia is a once in a lifetime experience.

These encounters enrich the experience, enrich our spirits and the positive energy rubs off like magical fairy dust. It is a fresh and welcoming feeling. As a Colombian I invite you with all my energy to come and ride in this country. Colombians are good willed and naturally positive.

If you come riding a motorcycle in Colombia you will be one extremely happy individual. You will have amazing memories and stories to share with friends. You will have lived an unforgettable and once in a lifetime experience. You will be able to say that you rode a motorcycle in Colombia; one of the most beautiful places in the world. And that, my friends, is something worth saying.

Whether you are looking to rent a motorcycle or go on a motorcycle tour in Colombia. Here at Elephant we will be waiting for you to show you this amazing country

Come ride with us! We are thrilled to show you around!

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