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Personalized On Road Training, designed for riders who already own a bike and have a driver's license. Our ONE on ONE training takes place in a classroom and open roads. INCLUDES: Certified instructor. Track fees. Lunch and snacks. Hidration ELEPHANT apparel.

cursos Elephant Moto | Colombia y Costa Rica
cursos Elephant Moto | Colombia y Costa Rica

ONE on ONE. Powered by SENA Bluetooth.
Our ONE on ONE training are personalized to target each riders unique needs. It is a program that combines classroom theory and real world riding experience. We accept all level students and our main goal is to transform you into a better more conscious rider. We provide a SENA Bluetooth headset so that you can be in constant communication with you instructor while on the road. Receiving real time feedback.

Our ONE on ONE Training consists of 2 sessions:
1. Classroom session: aprox 3-4 hours. Where we will cover all the theory about riding. 
2. Riding sessions: aprox 7-8 hours. You will go out on a ride with your instructor and apply everything learned in the theory session.

Some points you will go over:
- Throttle control.
- Turn points.
- Quick Turn.
- Rider input.
- 2 step.
- Reference points.
- Change of lines.
- 3 step.
- Wide vision

DATES: Are chosen by you
PRICES: $1,300,000 COP

ON ROAD Training Sign Up

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