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We operate the trainings on our ELEPHANT track on the outskirts of Bogotá, Colombia. The track is designed to maintain a safe environment where we can fine tune our skills. All trainings take place with a certified BMW Motorrad instructor and a maximum of 8 participants per level. The trainings last 1 day and are designed to spread time between overseen exercises and enduro laps around the track to apply the theory learned. PRICES: Level 1 - $550,000. Level 2 and 3 - $650,000 COP with own bike. INCLUDES: Certified instructor. Hydration. Track time. Lunch and snacks. ELEPHANT apparel.

cursos Elephant Moto | Colombia y Costa Rica



Designed for rider that have never ridden OFF ROAD. We introduce you to the world of OFF ROAD riding and give you the tools to start enjoying this type of riding with more confidence. We cover the following aspects:

- Motorcycle setup.
- Riding position.
- Warm up exercises. (Level 1)
- Enduro Steering. (Level 1)
- Tight circles. (Level 1)
- Picking up a down motorcycle.
- Uphill start.
- Small up and down hills.

- Emergency braking (w/o ABS)
- Emergency stops on slopes.
- Small water and mud crossings.
- Parallel logs.

DATES 2024:
July 13

August 10


Designed for riders who have completed Level 1 or that have some experience OFF ROAD. We hammer the down the foundations and give you the tools to improve your existing skills and learn new ones. We cover the following aspects:

- Overview riding position.
- Warm up exercises. (Level 2)
- Enduro Steering. (Level 2)
- Tight circles (Level 2)
- Trail stop.
- Medium up and down hills with turns.

- Sand crossings.
- Rut crossings.
- Whoop and bumps
- Small jumps.

DATES 2024:
June 15

July 14

August 11

cursos Elephant Moto | Colombia y Costa Rica



Elephant Moto | Colombia y Costa Rica


Designed for riders that have completed Level 2 and for riders with extensive experience in OFF ROAD. We give you advanced tools to evolve your OFF ROAD riding skills. We cover the following aspects:

- Idle speed clock.
- Crossed log.
- Log and obstacle crossing.
- Deep sand crossing and start from sand.
- Deep mud crossing.
- Medium jumps
- Wheelie for obstacle crossing
- Rear wheel steering with brake and gas.

- Wheelies
- Dirección con freno trasero y acelerador.

DATES 2024:

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